Plasma Generator



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The Plasma Generator is a fantastic, detailed terrain piece with loads of potential as an objective marker and can represent various sci-fi technologies.

Plasma Globe is battery or USB powered (USB power cable included). Plasma follows your fingers as they touch the surface of the globe.

Generator housing is designed to work alongside Laser Scapes building parts to allow the Plasma Generator to be  a standalone unit, or be incorporated into a larger structure.

Includes a detailed Holo Terminal with two Holo screen choices that can be lit up with an LED, providing another fantastic objective marker or pivotal terrain piece for your games in the far future.

Paints and glue will be required to get the most out of this set.

Please note the set comes unassembled and unpainted, any models, printed posters and background terrain in the pictures are not included with this product.



Parts included;

Building components:
1 8×8 Baseplate
2 2×1 Plasma Globe Platform Pieces
4 Double Generator Wall Sections
8 Plasma Globe Struts
1 Plasma Globe
1 USB Power Cable

1 Holo Terminal
1 Light Holder

1 Battery Holder
1 3V CR2032 Battery
1 Green LED


Please see our Building Guide to learn how to use our building kits!


Additional information

Weight 595 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 cm