Hab Units Building Kit



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This set comes with two bases and enough parts to make a single two storey ruined structure, or two smaller structures. Great for scatter terrain pieces as well as accompanying larger buildings. See the parts list below for a breakdown of the contents of this set.

  • Many different configuration options possible
  • Complete compatibility with other Laser Scapes sets
  • Removable flooring with full interior access
  • Removable doors and windows allow you to block off or open up new routes and fields of view
  • Electronic lighting adds atmosphere
  • Destructible segments allowing you to wreck your buildings the way you want
  • No two structures need ever look the same again
  • Easy and fast to build construction kit

Paints, glue and soldering tools will be required to get the most out of this set.

Please note the set comes unassembled and unpainted, any models, printed posters and background terrain in the pictures are not included with this product.



Parts included;

Building components:
2 8×8 Baseplate
1 2×2 Flooring Sheet
2 Solid Wall Sections
2 Double Window Sections
1 Double Window/Solid Wall Section
1 Double Door Section

Wrecked Solid Wall Section
Wrecked Window Section
2Wrecked Floor Section
Wrecked Pillars

1 Locker
1 Crate
1 Chair
1 Table
1 Light Holder

1 Battery Holder
1 3V CR2032 Battery
5 LEDs (1 of each colour)


Please see our Building Guide to learn how to use our building kits!


Additional information

Weight 595 g
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 7 cm