Hab Block Building Kit


Please see our Building Guide to learn how to use our building kits!

The Hab Block kit comes with everything you need to make a fully detailed, personalised, high quality terrain piece that you can deeply interact with in your games.

  • Many different configuration options possible
  • Complete compatibility with other Laser Scapes sets
  • Removable flooring with full interior access
  • Removable doors and windows allow you to block off or open up new routes and fields of view
  • Electronic lighting adds atmosphere
  • Destructible segments allowing you to wreck your buildings the way you want
  • No two structures need ever look the same again
  • Easy and fast to build construction kit

Paints and glue will be required.

Please note the set comes un-assembled and unpainted, any models, printed posters and background terrain in the pictures are not included with this product.



Parts included;

Building components:
1 30cm x 30cm Baseplate
1 5×5 Flooring Sheet
12 Pillars
4 Solid Wall Sections
6 Window Sections
1 Door Section
1 Double Window Section
1 Double Window/Solid Wall Section
1 Double Door Section
2 Ladders
12 Railings

4 Wrecked Pillars
2 Wrecked Solid Wall Sections
2 Wrecked Window Sections
2 Wrecked Floor Sections

2 Lockers
2 Chairs
1 Table
3 Crates
1 Billboard
2 Fortified Wall Inlays
1 Vent
3 Light Holders
3 Battery Holders
1 Battery Carrier
3 3V CR2032 Battery
15 LEDs (3 of each white, blue, green, red, yellow)

Please see our Building Guide to learn how to use our building kits!


Additional information

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 7 cm