Building Guide

This tutorial is a beginners guide to how our building system works

For a tutorial on how to add rubble, paint and weather your structures, see our Finishing Guide

All these buildings were built from the Hab Block set, with a few spare parts added to make a bridge.

Don’t feel too pressured to use all the parts, you can always add them to your next building! Likewise if you need a couple of extra parts to finish your vision then check out the components section.

What you will need –

A sharp knife
PVA or a similar wood glue
Soldering iron (not essential)
Solder (not essential)

Lets start with a quick breakdown of parts and what they’re used for;


Above are the basic parts for assembling the walls of your structure, a pillar/buttress sprue and wall sections.


There are double wall sections available in some sets as well.


Baseplate, ladders, 5×5 snapable flooring sheet and railings that can run along the top of your structure, or be used free standing as crash barriers.

Laser Scapes

There are wreck-able versions of the basic components in order to create a shelled out structure exactly the way you want it.

Also included are a handful of decorative and electronic aspects and a CR2032 battery carrier to safely store the cells when they are not in use lighting up your wonderful building.

You will also find included are a number of   CR2032 3V Batteries, battery holders and a whole bunch of different coloured LEDs

Ok, lets start putting it together ->