Hab Block GammaTutorial – Making It Shiney

We’re now moving onto detailing and adding the finishing stages to our structure. We’ll be adding movable decorative aspects, as well as incorporating the electronics.

Whilst most parts slot and hold in place quite well, we recommend gluing them in place.

The table can be snapped off the sprue and slotted together.

cr81 cr82

Crates should be assembled as shown. they may not require glue but we recommend using a small amount on the cross.


The lockers are built up in layers, the first layer incorporates four L shaped pieces, note the shorter side of the L should be the length extruding once they are fitted in place.

Once the bottom layer is fitted, the remaining layers can be built up, again these will hold themselves but we glue them just in case. pay attention to the keypad on the door, its easy to glue it in the wrong way round!

A billboard is included allowing mindless corporate consumerism and propaganda to make an appearance in your games.

Light holders plug into the ceiling. The battery holder has two positive pins and one negative pin. The LEDs have one lead longer than the other, this is the positive. The leads can be wrapped around the pins but we recommend soldering them for a more permanent hold. The battery holder acts as its own switch by having the battery easily accessible for removal.

When the batteries are not in use it is important to note that they should not be stacked. This nifty component will neatly store them and look pretty cool whilst doing so.

The pieces are stacked and a rod glued into the slot underneath, keeping all the pieces aligned and holding them together.

That wasn’t so hard! Now on to build the rest of the district.

Check out what else you can accomplish with the same parts!

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