Hab Block Gamma Tutorial – Getting It Together

Everything in the kit revolves around these pillars, so the first thing to do is remove the parts from the sprue, you’ll end up with four buttresses, a low profile filler to slot into the pillar’s empty slots, and a set of pins that will eventually be keeping the floors in place.

Run a strip of PVA down the joins on the inside of the pillar pieces, and then fold it in on itself.


Prepare the rest of your parts by removing them from their sprues.


It’s at this stage that you can really start to plan your building…

It’s important to note that we’ve not done any gluing since the pillars were done – it’s easy to plot out exactly how you want things to look before committing to gluing it in place.

The flooring can be snapped into shape, hatches for ladders will require a knife to remove

The floor then fits in place and pins are inserted through the floor and into the pillars below to hold it in place.

The next set of walls is then placed. The pins through the floor should also slot into the pillars on this level from below.

The roof is placed in the same way as floors, however as there are no pillars placed on the roof we use the half pins rather than the double ended pins.

Once happy with the configuration of your structure we can glue it in place. Apply PVA to the bottom edges of the pillars and fasten them to the floor below. Floor pins should also be glued so they are attached to the pillars above and plug into the pillars below when removing levels to access the interior.

Destroyed sections function in the same way as the rest of the parts, however they should be snapped into shape before being added to the structure and glued in place.

Destroyed flooring is snapped into shape and then glued to the edges of the floor.


To trim the roof of our building we’ve got some railings. These can either be used to slot around the edge of floors or free standing as crash barriers. We recommend gluing the railing together but not to the structure as they can be easily removed for painting.

All the basic aspects of this building are now complete and we can move onto electronic and decorative aspects ->