We believe that games played across immersive, epic battlefields are the games we remember, and that terrain greatly influences a story and objective based gameplay where the true essence of wargaming forms, whether those games are large or small.

We’ve had games with half a dozen players thrown into a maze of winding streets desperately trying to escape the living dead whilst searching the buildings for that one terminal that’s going to turn the lights on and make things a little easier. Alien tides crashing against the just-closed-in-time shutters, allowing the marines inside a chance to reload and re-consolidate. Bitter close quarter firefights through the ruins of cities to crush rebellions and invaders…

On this basis we founded Laser Scapes, which is dedicated to providing terrain systems that are modular, easy to make and game with, and offer total immersion.

That’s why our sets allow you to build any size or shape of structure you want, be it ruined or fully in tact. You’ll even be able to access the interior as all the floors are removable to get to those crucial objectives or that stash of loot, provided there’s an open door or window to crawl through of course! – All the doors and windows can be opened or blocked off at will. We wanted to create an atmosphere so there’s electronic lighting in different colours that doesn’t even need soldering.

If you’ve got an idea for a custom part to complete your building we can commission it for you by getting in contact with us here



Laser Scapes is a trade name of Laser Technik Ltd which is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 09117428.